Frequently Asked Questions

Tada AI puts significant effort into security. Your data's security is ensured by user-controlled data ingestion, with deletion options available. Access to data is managed through imported file permissions or default settings limiting visibility to file importers, supplemented by per-user fine-grained access controls and "Spaces" for broader permission management. User authentication is achieved via integration with your identity provider, supporting security measures like 2-factor authentication depending on your provider. Unauthorized access is prevented by removing users from your identity provider. Our system doesn't train AI models on customer data, employing Retrieval Augmented Generation for document access without fine-tuning on user data.

No, your data is yours. Forever and always.

We integrate with over 100 of the most common software companies but if you don't see it, check out our integrations page, or feel free to reach out directly.

We expect Tada to save employees almost 20% of their time by making it easier to find documents. Imagine if you never had to ask a coworker for an answer and could instead get it instantly, or could search a 50 page document within seconds.

Yes! tada manages all company documents with our system to make search faster. This also means you can use us instead of Gdrive, Box, Onedrive, or anything else.